Smart retail for hotels

Providing guests with an incredible stay is the ultimate goal of any hotel operator, but how can you say you’re giving it 100% if your retail, and food and beverage offer is letting you down?

Learn more about how our smart retail solutions, such as smart minibars, self-service stores and intelligent vending machines, can plug right into your hotel’s operations and immediately begin generating additional value for your guests, and additional revenue for your business.

The changing face of hospitality

There is no doubt that guests today demand higher standards than ever before, and this means that you as hospitality operators are asked to provide higher standards, more options and better service than you ever have before. Guests demand:

  • Availability: Day or night, availability around the clock.
  • Choice: A broad range of snacks and cold beverages appropriate for the relevant day part, always in stock.
  • Convenience: Whether in-room or in a social space.
  • Customization: A tailored experience that is relevant and useful.

Is your food and beverage offer meeting your guests' needs?

Does your existing food and beverage offering reflect the changing needs of the contemporary visitor? If below sounds familiar, the answer is probably no:
  • Managing the food and beverage inventory is difficult, particularly in real time.
  • Operating costs are high to be able to offer availability 24/7.
  • Payment and loyalty options are constrained, thereby offering a limited visitor experience.
  • Limited, unhealthy product offerings are old fashioned and not fit for purpose.

Welcome to the smart retail revolution for hotels

Invenda’s smart retail solution is the software and hardware platform that lets hotels integrate their smart minibars, fridges, vending machines, and self-service stores.

Benefits for your hotel business

Our solutions combine eye-popping digital signage and interactive product displays to attract guests. Smart minibars, intelligent vending machines and self-service stores are equipped with smart sensors, are always connected, and can be managed remotely.

Our smart retail solutions for hotels are elegant, interactive and smart. They will provide your guests with an exceptional experience and give your operations team peace of mind.

With Invenda you can:

Offer a modern purchasing experience

  • Whether in-room smart minibars, vending machines and smart fridges in guest lounges, or even self-service stores, smoother purchasing with greater privacy
  • Multiple products per transaction
  • Demographically optimized planogram and promotions
  • A more attractive product display and offering

Unlock new advertising and promotion opportunities

  • AI-generated, targeted product recommendations
  • Dynamic product promotion and pricing
  • Direct, targeted marketing at the point of sale
  • Animated product placement
  • Video scheduler, with an option of programmatic advertising

Centralize device management and streamline operations

  • Complete and remote management of your machines
  • More efficient machine servicing, with fewer visits
  • Real-time product inventory, machine health reports, and full telemetry
  • Detailed guest insights and transaction data

Our smart retail solutions for hotels

Smart automated retail for hotels

Check-in and market: the intelligent vending machine

Easy purchasing options, including easy access to product information (e.g., nutritional values), appealing product display, ID verification and multiple payment options make using our machines easy.

Enable easy check-in via the vending machine with verification like ID scanning, let your guests indicate room preferences, and display relevant hotel information.

Targeted advertising enables the display of attractive, relevant, local offers to guests, as well as promotions, product recommendations and even monetize advertising for local attractions.

Our optical sensor counts the number of people walking past your machine, giving you insight to data such as age and gender. Get powerful analytics on who’s watching your video content.

In-room refreshment: the smart minibar

Make purchasing simple by enabling guests to scan a QR code to pair with the minibar, opening product selection on their phone’s browser, without downloading an app. Guests can choose from a variety of payment options, and upon payment, the fridge unlocks automatically enabling collection.

The experience is integrated with in-room screens, creating a seamless experience. You can even nudge guests to purchase more through targeted recommendations, based on previous purchase history or based on others’ choices.

Operate your machine efficiently thanks to remote inventory control, the ability to monitor refilling and operations, reduced energy costs through smart energy consumption and predictive maintenance.

smart fridge QR code hotels invenda automated retail
Smart kiosk Invenda automated retail hotels

Convenience store and gift shop: the self-service check-out kiosk

Implement a fully unattended, socially distanced 24/7 shop with easy self-check-out, sell a wide range of products, e.g. snacks, drinks, sandwiches, toiletries, improving your ROI through autonomous shopping. Provide a great user experience with intuitive user flow, promotions and offers, and broad payment options. Have low-cost operations by using easy to restock vending machines with great inventory control, AI theft management and easy-to-update content through our content management system.


  • Our easy-to-operate machines are an affordable way to offer your consumers a streamlined experience.
  • They bring a steady flow of income without high-maintenance needs and unlock additional revenue streams through advertising.
  • We also offer leasing options. Please contact us for more information.
  • Our smart vending machines feature a digital touch screen that allows consumers to browse through a catalogue of products, view promotions geared towards their profiles and conveniently buy multiple products at a time. 
  • At the heart of the machine is a box that controls the motors and runs the software. The machine can thus be controlled and operated remotely via our content management system and maintenance application.
  • Our vending machines are outfitted with a modem and a SIM card that enable internet connectivity. 
  • Most importantly, the machines also run when there is no internet connectivity and the machine’s activity (e.g. transaction data) will be stored in the cloud and uploaded once the machine comes online again.
  • Our smart vending machines are significantly less expensive than other ordinary vending machines. 
  • In addition, we designed the license model for our software to align with your business results.
  • We look forward to discussing pricing with you. If hardware costs are a concern, we also have a leasing option available.
  • You can play full-screen advertisements for passersby or use part of the product selection screen for advertising.
  • The digital touch screen also allows for new promotion options, such as special effects for your displayed products. For instance, you can make a product you want to highlight, shake or rotate to draw the attention of your consumers, and offer combos, specials, or other deals to sell more products.
  • You may also opt for us to manage your advertising space and bring in additional revenues, including connecting your screens to programmatic advertising. 
  • The potential of the screen depends on the location and frequency of foot traffic. Our system allows you to track the frequency and the number of viewers for each advertisement so that you know the exact impact. For example, a screen at a prime location at a busy train station can fetch up to 20,000 EUR per month.
  • In certain countries, we also partner with local DOOH content suppliers.
  • Our Invenda Vending Machine is 1940 mm (H) x 1000 mm (W) x 893 mm (D) and weighs 350 kg.
  • Our Outdoor Vending machine, which is weather-proofed, is 1975 mm (H) x 1030 mm (W) x 970 mm (D) and weighs 420 kg.
  • Our machines are currently successfully deployed across a variety of environments, from public transport locations, such as train/metro stations and airports, to malls, hospitals, leisure centers, gyms, and offices. Every week, our clients are adding machines to new locations.
  • Our telemetry system goes a step further, with true two-way communication. It not only allows you to receive the status of the machine and its inventory but also to manage the machine’s settings remotely, such as changing prices and promotions.
  • Our software is flexible and supports multiple payment options, including card, app, QR code, loyalty points, and online options such as PayPal, ApplePay and GooglePay.
  • While we recommend going cashless, only due to lower operational costs, our vending machines can also receive coins and bills.
  • Based on your needs and region, we are happy to recommend payment devices that work in your country and with our solution, or that integrate with your preferred device.
  • We let our customers choose the payment options they’d like to offer their consumers. Generally speaking though, we suggest cashless solutions as they are much less capital-intensive and less costly to manage.
  • Most bill-reading devices use either ultraviolet scanners to measure the glow from a bill, or a magnetic reader to detect the magnetic signature of a bill, to ensure it’s real and determine its denomination. 
  • Coin devices use light sensors to measure the size of the coins, and electromagnets to detect the metal type, which allows the deciphering of the coins in a fraction of a second. Real coins will be sorted into the appropriate columns, while fake coins will be redirected to the reject chute.
  • We work closely with our clients to design the solution that best works for them. We can customize user interfaces and foil wrapping so that the machine fits with your brand. This applies to all our systems.
  • We can also offer further customization, for example, integrating our retrofit kit with your existing machines.
  • If you have an idea for customization, we’d be happy to discuss it with you.
  • Invenda’s solution is built on Microsoft Azure and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. All services within Microsoft Azure are secure and provide the highest level of security.
  • Our solution is fully compliant with Microsoft’s Security, Privacy, and Compliance. We chose Microsoft Azure due to its industry-leading commitment to the protection and privacy of data.
  • As well as Azure’s integrated security, we’ve put additional security measures in place. These ensure the integrity of code running on devices, providing devices- and user-authentication, defining clear ownership of devices (including data generated by devices), and ensuring resilience to cyber and physical attacks.
  • We are fully GDPR compliant. No personally identifiable data or imagery is managed, stored, or transmitted.
  • We can help you with both how-to questions and troubleshooting. During our client onboarding, we introduce you to our support tools, team, and processes so that we can work together to get any questions or issues resolved quickly.
  • Additionally, we are building a network of partners globally to assist you with the on-site technical maintenance of your machines.
  • Yes, we believe hands-on training for you and your team is a key to success. We have developed a comprehensive training program for each of our products. 
  • The training program for the Invenda Vending machine consists of four sessions. It starts with an introduction to the machine and its parts, and then continues with daily operations, troubleshooting, and the content management system.
  • We can train your staff either in our development center in Novi Sad, Serbia or at your premises. Recently, we have also started to offer virtual training sessions due to current travel restrictions.
  • Yes, all our machines come with a 12-month warranty.
  • We also keep all spare parts on stock so that you can have the highest quality and compatible spares when you need them.
  • We work with different partners to ensure the speedy delivery of the appropriate spare parts.
  • First, get in touch with us so that we can learn about your business and expectations. We need to know what types of products you hope to sell, your experience with automated retail, and more.
  • We recommend starting with a 3-6 month pilot. We have a full program in place for this, including training, set-up and cost transparency, and we can tailor it to your needs. From there we will work with you to evaluate the pilot and plan your roll-out.
  • We look forward to helping you get started.
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