We’re building the future of automated retail

Whether you are a consumer brand, vending operator, retailer or manufacturer, Invenda has the smart technologies to propel your business into the digital age.

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Your ecosystem for automated retail

Imagine having a fleet of automated retail devices that are all connected and managed via a single platform.

That’s intelligent vending. Your operations simplified and streamlined.

You control promotional content, planograms and pricing remotely, and diagnose device issues from the comfort of your chair.

With our ecosystem, your automated retail assets go IoT and your business is upgraded to thrive in a digital age.

Discover the ecosystem


Streamline operations by connecting your devices under one digital platform for full remote management.


Our portfolio of smart devices includes intelligent vending machines, smart fridges, micromarket kiosks and upgrade kits.


Use the power of large digital screens to run your ads and gain access to programmatic advertising platforms for additional revenue.


Forgo guesswork and make informed decisions about sales and operations based on comprehensive reports.


Choose any kind of payment mechanism or eliminate physical terminals altogether with the Invenda Wallet.


From our customer success team to our support team, we work together to achieve your business goals.

Benefits of the Invenda ecosystem

Based on use cases

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Average sales uplift of 60%

Due to basket sizes of 1.3 to 1.7 products per transaction, top-banner screen promotions and in-planogram product animations.

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30% cost reduction

Thanks to 100% remote management of planograms, prices and promotions, remote monitoring of machine health and diagnosis of issues, technical interventions are reduced by 30%.

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Advertising revenue

Substantial advertising revenue from full screen advertising campaigns.

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Best-in-class technology uptime

More than 99% availability, with more than 90% issues diagnosed remotely.

We work with leading businesses

Working with other technology leaders and innovators,

we empower the world's best brands to stay on the cutting edge and realize their boldest ambitions.

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Vending machine screens as a new source of advertising revenue.

"Invenda is absolutely transforming automated retail by optimizing operations and providing new revenue via advertising. We're pushing boundaries together!"

Mario Burmeister, CEO of Simplix Solutions Vending GmbH

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