Our software

Powerful platform for digital vending

No more wasting resources on machine visits. Connect all your devices under one platform and rest easy knowing what's happening with them 24/7. Enjoy the convenience of executing remote commands in real time, with an abundance of data at your disposal. You'll never run a tighter fleet.

Woman and man in front of smart vending machine
InvendaOS circuit board

Invenda OS, the brain behind the machine

Invenda OS is a modern operating system for smart unattended retail. It provides a foundation for IoT-connected devices that can be centrally managed, maintained and upgraded in a modular way. With support for over 100 hardware devices and over 1000 event types, and over five years of field use, it can run on a variety of hardware options – from low-end devices to high-end interactive retail.

Invenda Cloud

Allowing fleet management at an enterprise level, the Invenda Cloud connects your diverse devices under a unified digital platform. It improves efficiency and enables insights into consumer behavior and machine health.

A laptop showing the Invenda Cloud dashboard


What can you do with the Invenda Platform?

Whether you have 20 or 20.000 machines, managing a fleet has never been easier.

One platform to manage it all

Instead of doing manual configurations and checks or using multiple software pieces, enjoy our intuitive dashboard for two-way communication with your devices.

Inventory and pricing management

Edit products and prices,

add product images and nutritional information, control product life cycle and manage inventory.

Machine health monitoring

Stay one step ahead of issues

with predictive maintenance,

full visibility into servicing levels

and remote diagnostics.

Advertising and promotions

Easily set up advertisements,

promotions, smart product recommendations, combo deals and other cross-selling features.

Data analytics

Find sales-enhancing clues in advanced transactional data and consumer behavior benchmarks compiled in comprehensive, customizable reports.

Seamless integration

Make the most of what you have

and integrate your existing system

via the Invenda Cloud API,

enabling all key services.

Bigger data

In an industry notorious for the lack of data, you're finally able to know what your consumers want and what your machines need.

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A laptop showing data charts and graphs

Data-driven insights

What can you learn?

If data is the new oil, our system is a bottomless well. Let our data analytics guide your business decisions, so you never have to guess again.

Machine metrics

Increase efficiency by remotely monitoring machine uptime, servicing levels, temperature and cooling unit performance.


Learn from detailed transactional data such as time of purchase and means of payment visible on the platform in real time.

Live inventory data

Track inventory and plan sales according to detailed reports about best-selling products, product selection history, etc.

Heat maps of the screen

Strategically place products based on the fact what areas of the screen consumers touch the most.

Purchasing patterns

Gain insights about purchasing habits of different age and gender groups from our privacy-laws-compliant data.

Audience measurement

Tailor your offer and measure conversion rates thanks to footfall data provided by the GDPR-compliant optical sensor.

Invenda Data Processing Addendum