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Invenda Wallet

Provide your consumers with the most convenient payment option possible. The Invenda Wallet enables a touchless shopping experience with minimum downtime and maximum consumer engagement.

Man using E-wallet
Man using E-wallet

What is Invenda Wallet?

The Invenda Wallet is a web application (no downloads required) that allows consumers to shop with their phones. Engaging consumers via gamification, gifting, scratch-and-win and loyalty schemes, it enables them to access their accounts remotely. They can save, share and buy new products from the comfort of their home and enjoy promotions even if they are not physically in front of the vending machine.


The unmatchable ease of shopping

With the Invenda Wallet, you offer consumers the convenience of contactless purchasing while staying in contact with them.

Simple yet versatile checkout

It's as easy as scanning a QR code.

The payment methods supported include credit card, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Engagement loops

Engage consumers with gamification, interactive marketing, gifting, scratch-and-win receipts, product sampling and cross-selling.

Consumer accounts

By creating accounts and saving their payment information, your consumers can save time and avoid annoying lines. They pay and go.

Remote shopping

Allow consumers to buy a product from anywhere and later redeem it at a vending machine.

Tailor-made recommendations and marketing campaigns

Leverage phone interactions and user data for personalized offers and promotions.

Age verification

Securely verify the age of consumers who are trying to buy age-restricted products. Don't limit your product offering.

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