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Smart Mart

A wide selection of wholesome food and beverages is always a welcome perk at work. With our smart kiosks, you get a full-fledged self-service mart at the office, as well as a unique form of employee engagement.

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The centerpiece of a self-service market

Combine Smart Mart with our smart fridges and vending machines and offer a wide range of products.

You get a remotely-managed, labor-saving fleet of devices that work for you around the clock.

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Smart Mart

Implement a fully unattended 24/7 shop with simple self-checkout options. Sell a wide selection of products, e.g. fresh food, ready meals, beverages, snacks and dairy products. Provide an exceptional user experience with an intuitive user flow, promotions, offers and broad payment options. Cut costs by combining the kiosk with our easy-to-restock vending machines with inventory control and content that you can easily update through our content management system.

What can you do with Smart Mart?

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Control it remotely

Manage pricing, content and inventory remotely, via the Invenda Cloud.

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Increase sales with ads, animations, product recommendations and promotions.

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Provide modern payment options

Offer consumers the most convenient payment options such as credit cards or payment apps like the Invenda Wallet.

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Gain insights

Act on data about inventory, purchasing patterns and transactions.


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