We're changing the way the world shops.

Headquartered in the picturesque Swiss Alps, Invenda is a 100-strong software company establishing automated retail as an indispensable sales channel for the world of today and tomorrow.


Our values

Believe nothing is impossible

Motivated by our shared goals and ambitions, we proactively make decisions and tackle challenges.

Be transparent

We communicate openly and honestly, and our actions are consistent with what we say.


We believe in empowering each other to grow individually and as a team. We all learn from each other and support each other, giving and asking for feedback openly and frequently.

Lead by example

We are team players and professionals. Every day we combine challenging work with fun and acknowledge each other’s contributions.

Dare to innovate

We are open-minded and bring our curiosity to work. We are not afraid to try fail and learn.

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Our story

We’re a growing group of inventors and entrepreneurs who believe technology is there to make people’s lives better. We’ve got our heads in the clouds (Invenda Cloud, as it were), but our feet are firmly on the ground. Together with our customers, we’re disrupting the stagnant automated retail industry, using the best of what IoT technology offers to grow revenues and save time, costs and effort. We’ve created a digital ecosystem powered by our very own operating system – Invenda OS – and our cloud platform – Invenda Cloud. We make automated retail devices smart, connect them to a single digital platform and bring the most intuitive and entertaining shopping experience to life.

Our vision

Invenda provides an ecosystem allowing a complete digital upgrade of automated retail devices that makes them simple to use and efficient to operate.​​ ​Our technology is modular and enables brands, operators and retailers to provide the ultimate consumer experience.​​ ​​

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The road so far

Today, we're operating across continents, with fleets of thousands of smart devices being managed by our software. We are using big data processing to help costumers act on data we are collecting. We've proudly designed our own digital vending machine and integrated the screens of smart vending machines with programmatic advertising platforms. We’ve developed the Invenda Wallet to make purchases as convenient and engaging as possible. We’re continuously updating UIs and expanding possibilities for our customers with age verification, gamification, sampling and cross-selling. And we've developed a new eco-mode for our devices because we deeply believe in sustainability.

How it started

When our founder Jon Brezinski was helping the city of Philadelphia upgrade all of their metro ticket machines, he realized how far behind the vending industry was. After visiting countless industry events and speaking with customers and thought leaders, his hunch was confirmed: disruption and innovation in the vending industry were long overdue. This started our journey.

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