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Cloud-to-cloud integration

Already have internal data systems and management tools? No problem. We’ll work together to connect and automate monitoring, data and events, in an open and agile way.

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Developer-friendly and easy to integrate

Our flexible platform provides everything you need for fleet management of intelligent automated retail devices. At the same time, we support a rich set of APIs and data models for cloud-to-cloud integrations. We’ll merge our systems and find a solution that works best for you.

Integrations we’ve created for our customers

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Loyalty app integration

We store data and tokens from a customer and expose them via APIs so they can use them for their loyalty programs and mobile apps.

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Data lake integration

We helped a customer to connect directly to a data lake and stream processing, allowing advanced analysis and modeling.

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Third-party integration

An operator was able to keep existing solutions for field operations, but use Invenda devices. This two-way sync allowed metrics to be collected and settings to be changed on Invenda devices.

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Delivery platform integration

We’ve fully integrated with an independent food delivery aggregator. Customers can choose any vending product from the client’s mobile app and schedule delivery from the machine to their home.

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