dooh advertising

A new revenue stream from advertising

Drive awareness, encourage sales and get additional revenue by selling screen space for advertising.

Man and woman looking at full screen ad on smart vending machine
Smart vending machine showing a full screen Coca-Cola ad

Non-stop revenue

A powerful combination of POS and media, the machine can bring you value even when it's not being used by a consumer. You can sell screen space through programmatic platforms and partner media brokers. Alternatively, you can boost sales by running ads for products sold in the machine and easily update them in real time through the Invenda Media Library.

Programmatic advertising

We've integrated our vending machine screens with several programmatic advertising platforms to enable automated ads display. Your machines too can become part of a global advertising network of vending machines displaying the right ads at the right time for a steady additional income. We're currently covering Europe, North America and the Gulf countries, with plans for further expansion.

Woman and man looking at full screen ad on smart vending machine


Harness the power of digital screens

Vending machine screens are an untapped source of new revenue streams.

2 in 1

In addition to an automated retail device, you’re getting 49-inch digital signage, perfect for impactful marketing messages. 

Two modes

Run captivating digital out-of-home ads

as full-screen video

as well as on-screen ad units. 

Two models

Display ads for products sold in the machine or run third-party ads for pure additional revenue. 

Ideally positioned

Capitalize on advertising

at the very point of sale,

in high foot traffic locations. 

Easy content management

Easily update ads

via the Invenda Media Library

or through partner programmatic platforms. 

Real-time tailoring

Promote a hot drink on a cold morning

or a refreshing beverage

on a hot afternoon.

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