Intelligent Vending Machines

Vend smart and stay ahead

Leverage the best of technology to increase sales by an average of 60%, reduce costs and monetize advertising while offering consumers a modern and enjoyable shopping experience.

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Signature Vending Machine

Proudly designed in-house and manufactured in the EU, this indoor device is the result of listening to customer feedback and exploring solutions to meet the highest operational and environmental standards. Its elegant, sleek look – adding a touch of refinement to any space – hints at the efficiency of its performance. Energy-saving and revenue-increasing, this model employs the best of AI, IoT, and cloud technology to provide you with sales opportunities and ease of management never before seen in the automated retail industry.

Indoor Vending Machine

Our IVM is a slick device with a large 49-inch touchscreen certain to attract consumers. The machine comes with a “brain” – Invenda OS – and is connected to the Invenda Cloud, which allows you to manage it remotely and gather valuable environmental, consumer and transactional data. The device can be branded according to your requirements to further enhance your brand presence.

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Outdoor Vending Machine

OVM is a robust device with a 46-inch screen and the same high-tech functionalities as its indoor counterpart. Designed to withstand vandalism and weather conditions, it boasts IP55 water and dust resistance rating. It's best suited for heavy-footfall outdoor locations, where its snazzy look and appealing retail interface guarantee high conversion rates.

Invenda Retrofit Kit

Are you manufacturing vending machines? With the Invenda Retrofit Kit, you can turn them into smart devices. The Kit includes the Invenda Box with the same components built into our machines and everything else you may need to digitally upgrade your devices.

Invenda Retrofit Kit


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What do you get with our smart vending machines?

A fleet of IoT devices that performs better.

Full remote management

Reduce machine visits to a minimum.

Save time and costs by using our platform to remotely control inventory, pricing, ads, promotions and machine health. Command individual machines or send bulk actions.

Multibuy and promotions

Boost sales thanks to a multi-product basket, combo deals, promotions, animations, enhanced imagery, AI-powered product recommendations, gamification, cross-selling and sampling.

Immersive touchscreen experience

Engage consumers through a large interactive screen with the freshest scrollable UIs, display product information and offer them the modern retail experience they've come to expect.

Energy-saving mode

The energy-saving mode reduces the use of all internal components including the cooling unit, electronics and screen to ensure optimal performance with minimal energy consumption.


Drive brand awareness and encourage sales by running advertisements directly at the POS. Get additional revenue by integrating vending machine screens with programmatic advertising platforms.


Your business decisions should never feel like a shot in the dark. Optimize your sales and operations thanks to comprehensive, real-time data about consumer behavior patterns, transactions and machine health.


Your success is our success

Our expert teams help you turn your vision into reality.
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We're here to help you fully benefit from our products.

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Leverage our expertise

Our customer success and customer support teams help you get the best of our technology. From training and onboarding onward, we make sure you transition seamlessly to our system and feel confident using it.

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Gain insight

We help you make sense of the data, translating it into meaningful customer insights and compiling comprehensive reports that you can download in a CSV file.

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Our technologies are flexible. We can customize features to suit your requirements, including designing an eye-popping machine wrapping and user interface to fit your brand profile and retail space.

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Already have third-party systems, machines and devices? Our technology is adaptable and can easily be integrated into any other provider's systems.