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Invenda is shaping the future of automated retail.

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Our Vision

Invenda provides a global operating ecosystem for automated retail.

We have developed modular technology that enables retailers to fully leverage the power of our digitalization with seamless integration capabilities to enhance existing processes and systems.

Our disruptive IoT solutions provide offer personalization and operational flexibility, and our mission is to give every retailer and brand the ability to provide the optimal customer experience in every environment. 

Our Story

Working on the vending machine control board

The idea of Invenda came to our founder Jon Brezinski when he was managing a metro ticket machine project in Philadelphia. He realized how much more advanced these machines were compared to ordinary snack machines.

After visiting countless industry events and fairs and speaking with industry and thought leaders, his hunch was confirmed: Disruption and innovation in the vending industry were long overdue. His realization started our journey.

The Invenda Journey


  • March: Moved to new assembly facility in Novi Sad, Serbia
  • June: Delivered our 1000th Indoor Invenda Vending Machine
  • August: Machines live in 15 countries
  • September: Elected for the Microsoft Startup Program
  • October: Delivered out first Outdoor Invenda Vending Machine (after IP-55 certification)
  • Until End of the year: Employees: Hired 29 new employee
    • With that we reached a milestone of over 60


  • February: Third-year anniversary; our team grows to 32 members
  • April: Moved into larger offices in Lucerne
  • October: First machine live in Germany
  • November:
    • Intel IoT Alliance Partner member
    • First machine live in the Netherlands


  • January: Received EMC/CE certification
  • February:
    • Second-year anniversary; our team has grown to 18 members
    • Moved into new offices in Novi Sad
  • April: First machine live in Switzerland
  • June: First machine live in the UK
  • August: Created the Invenda box (the “brain” of our product
  • October: Opened warehouse in Rumenka, Serbia
  • December:
    • Showcased our product at ArtBasel New York
    • Developed the Invenda Vending Machine and the Invenda board


  • January: Extended our R&D center space in Novi Sad, Serbia
  • February: First-year anniversary; we’re now a team of 11
  • March: First public presentation at the VendExpo in Moscow
  • May: First pilot in France
  • October: Digital Signage roll-out in Switzerland
  • November: EVEX Sevilla – voted “Machine of the Year” with biometric payment


  • February: Invenda founded in Lucerne Switzerland with team of 5
  • March: Started our relationship with Microsoft
  • June: First prototype with centrally controlled spirals
  • November: First prototype with integrated touchscreen


  • May: Preliminary product and vision discussions
  • September: We started our relationship with Intel
  • November: Branding and name discussions
  • December: First demo with centrally controlled motor

Our Team

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