User Account Deletion Procedure


This document outlines the procedure for deleting a user account on the Invenda Wallet application. The process includes confirming the user's request, verifying deletion, and backing up necessary data.


User request confirmation

The user initiates the account deletion process by accessing their profile and clicking the "Delete My Account" button. They will be prompted to confirm their decision to delete the account.


Verification of account deletion

Once the user confirms the deletion, the Invenda Wallet application will display a confirmation message indicating that the account has been successfully deleted.


Backup of necessary data

Past purchases made by the user will be backed up for tax purposes. This information will be stored securely and in accordance with data privacy regulations.


Permanent deletion of an account

The user’s account and all associated data, excluding past purchases, will be permanently deleted from the Invenda Wallet application.


By following these steps, the Invenda Wallet application ensures the secure and efficient deletion of user accounts. Backed-up information, such as past purchases, will be stored in compliance with data privacy regulations.