Take retail marketing to the next level with digital signage

Discover innovative ways you can attract consumers with stunning displays and targeted messages you control remotely.

Still using static signage in your stores?

Traditional signage is restrictive. It isn’t easy to update. And it doesn’t recognize different demographics or environmental conditions, such as weather or time of day. So targeted messaging is difficult at best.

If people are simply browsing around your store, but not purchasing, it’s time to change your approach.

Digitize your signage solution

Our digital signage technology offers you real-time remote control of messaging. It enables you to connect with new consumers and strengthen bonds with existing consumers.

Benefits for your business

Developed with Invenda’s deep experience in automated retail, our digital signage technology has one sole purpose: to drive your consumer engagement and sales. 

With Invenda you can:

Automate content to display relevant images and offers at the right time

Use playlists or environmental cues such as weather or time to trigger the content/offers you want to present

Sell more by nudging consumers with relevant information

Give consumers information that’s important to them – prices, reviews or third-party content such as news, weather information or maps

Change your pricing and menus remotely

Easily update offers and pricing at the push of a button and grab your consumer's attention with eye-catching imagery 

Our solution can suit your needs

We supply all the digital signage hardware and software you need for location-specific, content, and CMS solutions.
Our digital signage can be used as a stand-alone or can be integrated with our full suite of advanced automated retail technologies or your existing systems.

Location-specific solutions

From bespoke digital signage kits to digital signage kiosk software, we can design a solution to suit your premises.

What content can be played?

Digital signage and video content

With everything from digital signage and video to QR code solutions, we can help you either display different types of content to your audience or use them in targeted offers and promotions. Our technology enables you to change the information at any time of day or night, remotely.

Which industries benefit from our digital signage?


  • It allows you to target your communication to the right audience, at the right time.
  • It offers you more modern ways to promote your products and services in sync with people’s increasingly digital daily life.
  • You can incorporate gamification that appeals to younger audiences.
  • Screens are fitted with a computer stick that’s connected to the internet via Wi-Fi.
  • This allows you to manage the content on the screen remotely via our Content Management System.
  • You can easily create custom content playlists, set them to display at specific times and days of the week, and remotely push them to the screens.
  • We work closely with our clients to design the solution that best works for them. 
  • We can help with finding the most suitable technology (screen) and customize user interfaces and tailor it to your brand profile.
  • Invenda’s solution is built on Microsoft Azure and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. All services within Microsoft Azure are secure and provide the highest level of security.
  • Our solution is fully compliant with Microsoft’s Security, Privacy and Compliance. We chose Microsoft Azure due to its industry-leading commitment to the protection and privacy of data.
  • As well as Azure’s integrated security, we’ve put additional security measures in place. These ensure the integrity of code running on devices, providing devices- and user-authentication, defining clear ownership of devices (including data generated by devices), and ensuring resilience to cyber and physical attacks. This applies to all our systems.
  • We are fully GDPR compliant. No personally identifiable data or imagery is managed, stored, or transmitted.
  • We can help you with both how-to questions and troubleshooting. During our onboarding with each client, we introduce you to our support tools, team, and processes so that we can work together to get any questions or issues resolved quickly.
  • Additionally, we are building a network of partners globally to assist you with the on-site technical maintenance of your machines.
  • Yes, we believe hands-on training for you and your team is a key to success. We have developed a comprehensive training program for each of our products. This applies to all Invenda systems.
  • We can train your staff either in our development center in Novi Sad, Serbia or at your premises. Recently, we have also started to offer virtual training sessions due to current travel restrictions.
  • Yes, all our machines come with a 12-month warranty.
  • First, get in touch with us so that we can learn about your business and expectations. We need to know what types of products you hope to sell, your experience with automated retail, and more.
  • We recommend starting with a 3-6 month pilot. We have a full program in place for this, including training, set-up, and cost transparency, and we can tailor it to your needs. From there we will work with you to evaluate the pilot and plan your roll-out.
  • We look forward to helping you get started.
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