Behind the scenes at Invenda with Nebojsa, Customer Support Manager


Invenda’s journey led its product from a revolutionizing idea to the thousands of existing machines in the field, helping top retail companies in their pursuit for the most inspiring customer journey. We are proud to see our customers Coca-Cola, Mars, Maxton Health, Goodie Go, K2C, Hug, Lindt, Selecta, recognizing Invenda’s solution and leading the new era in the automated retail industry. As the number of inquiries is constantly increasing and with each new feature Invenda’s solution continues to explore all the possibilities of the fast-growing retail industry, today we are asking our new Customer Support Manager, Nebojsa Babic, to describe to our readers the dynamic world of the Technical Support team.

How did your journey from the Technical Support Engineer to Customer Support Manager look like?

My background goes even further to the electrical and power industry, which gave me a good foundation, a firm grasp of hardware, and a general interest in how things work. After switching to Technical Support and Quality Assurance, blending these two disciplines gave me an even greater understanding of the product as part of the system and interactions between units. Building experience as a Technical Support, communicating with a customer, and providing in-person and online training expanded my skills from technical to overall Customer Support.

What are some day-to-day challenges leading a Technical Support team and providing the best support for the Invenda product on the field?

A significant part of the support process is monitoring the product performance and quickly acting if a problem appears. That would also mean receiving customer requests, answering all questions/requests, and acting upon them in the most efficient way possible. The inevitable part of this process is the excellent communication among our team members, which I’m proud of.

What are the types of customer support that are available within Invenda’s product solution?

So far, we have created three support options for our clients: Limited, Advanced, and Dedicated Support. These three differ in response time, support agent availability, and volume of customer reports.

What is the core of the successful Invenda customer journey?

Customer satisfaction always comes first, but this does not mean just resolving requests, questions, or issues. Customer education is on the same level of importance as issue resolution. Well-informed customers are confident in their knowledge of the capabilities of Invenda products and more autonomous with their management which ultimately reduces the necessity to contact the support. This kind of communication provides our customers fresh insight and the limitless possibilities of Invenda products. One of the most exciting moments for me is when working with customers is to see how well they respond to the training and the excitement when they see the product’s full potential.

As Invenda’s support team continues to grow, what is the driving force to a successful supporting system?

The support team has recently expanded with a few new members. Together with the senior members, we plan to make a result-driven team driven by knowledge and enthusiasm.

The purpose of our team is to provide help, and that objective is oriented both externally and internally. The team expertise results from shared knowledge between the members, and it can often be more than just the sum of its parts.

In your opinion, what are the ''qualities needed'' when working and exploring the world of technical support?

In my opinion, essential skills are problem-solving and out-of-the-box thinking. Besides that, a methodical approach to work, analytical mind, and reliability are inevitable when working directly with clients and customers. Of course, you also need to be persistent in your journey to resolve the issue.